Integrated epay now available with BeaconPOS

17 September

Make your Epay transactions faster and more secure with BeaconPOS integration!

Why integrate your epay?

  • Faster transactions
  • No manual entry reduces keying errors
  • Reduces opportunity of theft
  • Removes your Epay terminal and clears space
  • Easier reconciliation of your Epay sales
  • Online portal to download new products

How do you integrate your epay?

Step 1.
Contact Beacon Support for a quote, the best way to do this is by emailing

The set up of the Epay integration is included and is built into the small increase to monthly subscription and support fees. Different fees apply for an outright purchase.

Step 2.
You will receive a Quote from Beacon that you will need to sign and return.  Upon return you will be emailed an updated Epay Merchant Agreement that you will need to fill out and return to Epay.

Step 3.
Once Epay have advised that your new agreement has been completed, contact Beacon Support to schedule a time for the installation.