No ATG? No problem!

13 July

For those sites lucky enough to have an Automatic Tank Gauge, getting your current wetstock levels is as easy as pressing a button.

But there are also a couple of great options for sites without ATGs to easily access accurate fuel stock on hand information without having to run outside and do a dip on the spot.

In this blog we will go over how to check your fuel levels in the back office, along with how to track your fuel in your POSTEC on the POS.

Back Office Reports

Stock Item Enquiry – suitable if you have 1 tank per fuel grade at your site

A quick and easy way to tell how much of a particular fuel grade  you have on hand is to open up that fuel grade in the Stock Item Enquiry screen.

To access the Stock Item Enquiry Screen go to:

Stock > Stock Maintenance > Enquiry and enter in the relevant fuel grade

From here you can see the total stock on hand for that fuel grade:

Tank Enquiry – suitable for sites with multiple tanks per fuel grade

For a quick snapshot and graphical representation of stock on hand per tank, use the Tank Enquiry screen.

To access the Tank Enquiry Screen go to:

Setup > Tanks > Enquiry and enter the relevant tank

From here the total stock on hand for the selected tank is displayed.

Tracking your wetstock in Visual Console

The set up of fuel tracking within the POSTEC/Visual Console interface is also quick and easy.

In order to use this feature you need to enter all your fuel deliveries and your dips into your primary POS.

As every sale comes through your POSTEC, this the software is able to give you a live fuel stock on hand figure.

In order to check your current SOH figure, open the Tank Dip Wizard and look at the Current column as below:

Tips for tracking your wetstock in Visual Console:

  • You must enter all deliveries into the MAIN POS
  • You must enter all dips into the MAIN POS
  • Tank dips must be entered into the POS as soon as you do them