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Beacon welcomes the Kel Campbell group

28 September

We’re happy to announce that the Kel Campbell group are one of the latest Service Station groups to join with Beacon.                         Kel Campbell, who now have four sites and a Head Office installed with Beacon, are located around the beautiful Wollongong / Nowra area in NSW. They are an innovative group, … read more 2016 – Find us at the Trade Show, Wednesday 21st

16 September

The 8th Annual Independent C-Store Education Workshop, also known as 2016 is on next week! The five day event runs from Monday 19 September through to Friday 23 September, and hosted at the spectacular Sheraton New Caledonia, in New Caledonia. The 2016 event aims at promoting how the fuel and … read more

Asia Pacific Fuel Industry (APFI) Forum 2016 – Find us at Trade Hall Booth 33!

1 September

The Asia Pacific Fuel Industry (APFI) Forum 2016 is on in less than two weeks! Running from Tuesday 13 September through to Thursday 15 September, the APFI Forum will be hosted at the spectacular Marina Bay Sands Resort in Singapore. The APFI Forum is the premier annual conference for all stakeholders involved in … read more